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David’s lessons, classes, and clinics are geared towards building a rhythmic foundation to express musical ideas. This foundation consists of listening skills, coordination, tempo control, touch, tone, dynamic control, and vocabulary. Instruction is open to students of all ages and levels. The only requirements are that students have patience and willingness to learn!

Contact David for private and group lessons: 
phone: 510.501.9251
email: dmfdrums@gmail.com

Here are some frequently asked questions about lessons:

Q: I’ve never played drums before; is it too late to start?
A: You’ve never played drums? Great! Taking a step towards something you’ve always wanted to do is a powerful moment, and it is never too late!  With patience and persistence, you can always learn a new skill.

Q: Do I need to know how to read drum music?
A: Nope. Rhythm is a universal language, literally! All notation and note duration are the same for all instruments. We are just applying them to our feet and a pair of sticks.

Q: …but I don’t know how to read any kind of music!
A: No worries! I will give you a foundation to start upon based on your goals.

Q: Do I have to buy a drum set?
A: Nope. You will just need a pair of sticks, our weekly notebook, and an open mind.